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"Roy Edroso, you rule"
Amanda Marcotte

"Starting Now, Roy Edroso Will Be Providing All the Content for My Entries"
Beth Spencer, Lawyers Guns & Money

"Snide sexism and heteronormative stereotypes"
Megan McArdle, The Atlantic Monthly

"My demented nemesis"
Rod Dreher, Beliefnet

"Some of us feel that Roy Edroso is one of the best writers, not only on the blogs, but on the internets"

"Roy Edroso, the tireless, intrepid detective blogger at Alicublog who dives day after day into the polluted Coney Island waters of conservative punditry... vital to journalism and sanity..."
James Wolcott, Vanity Fair

"I've been meaning to link to that post of Roy's ever since I first read it. It's a good writing lesson."
Kevin Drum, Washington Monthly

"A treasure... reliably perceptive."
Seth Michaels, Media Matters for America

"Writes hilariously sharp liberal screed"
Hank Stuever, Washington Post

"Breakneck-pace bass"
Toby L, Rockfeedback

"The funniest hard-left blogger in the 'sphere"
Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

"I can't say I never laughed"
David Weigel, Reason