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December 15

good God, I thought it would be easy as farts to update this front page regularly and it’s been over a week! How did my life get so busy — and with chores, no less? I remember when I was a young slip of a lad; there was all the time in the world for everything except responsibilities, for which I never acquired a taste. Now it seems that’s all there is.

Blah. But tomorrow the birds will sing, and the vaccines will be delivered! Or if tomorrow, near enough. Meanwhile gaze upon the kind words of Derek Davison of Foreign Exchanges, who put Roy Edroso Breaks It Down on his year-end list, via the Discontents newsletter:

Roy Edroso Breaks it Down: If you lived through the intense fever dream that was the Bush 43 administration, which I genuinely thought was the worst this country’s politics could get until Trump came along, then you may already know Roy’s work from the Village Voice. He makes fun of people who deserve it and cuts through a lot of right wing bullshit at a time when both of those things are sorely needed.

It’s nice to get some encouragement, especially from somebody brilliant.

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