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May 6

If you have visited this site in recent months, chances are you’ve seen a seriously out-of-date entry here.

This site is more than anything a home base — a place where someone would wind up if they wanted some kind of overview on “Roy Edroso.” I see if you Google me, this site comes up third, after my Twitter — which is fun but for obvious reasons non-comprehensive — and my LinkedIn page — which is the opposite of fun, sort of like a resume, and would you like to be represented to the world by your resume? (You would? Maybe you’re in the wrong place.)

I came up with this front-page dateline thing thinking it would be a good way to greet visitors and return the interest they had shown me. But I haven’t been keeping up my end. First, I’ve been busy; second, I’ve been dull — not dull in my writing (I hope!) but in my life, which at present is pandemic-constrained and lacks adventure and therefore seems silly to report (though I do sometimes write about it in my Substack newsletter, to which you are encouraged to subscribe).

But that’s a dodge — even the dullest life is worth observing. So I’ll tell you: I’m here at the dining room table, writing this in moments stolen from my day job, unshowered, a little weak in the stomach (my breakfast, two quadruple-shot lattes and a blueberry-banana smoothie, having reacted badly to the incursion of a piece of toast with peanut butter)…

There — real life! Also sat on the porch with Ciroc the cat. Look:

OK, that’s it for now! ‘Til soon.

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